My Love affair with…

ICE CREAM!!! Specifically, Italian ice cream!
I know, I know.. I’m still talking about Italy.. But how can you not, when it’s cold and the middle of February in Vilnius??
Anyway, back to my summer love- ice cream.
Before going to Rome, I searched online for the best ice cream in the city. The best was named “Giolitti”. What made me want to come here even more, was the fact that Michelle Obama visited this Gelaterie. And not only her, but many other celebrities.

Yes, I was hoping to run into Johnny Depp…

I wasn’t the only one who knew this gelaterie has the best ice cream. There were sooo many Chinese tourists there! Thank God I came earlier, as I would have waited in line with my watering mouth.
The price is the same as everywhere. 3 euros for a cone. If I convert this to the Lithuanian Litas, that is the most expensive ice cream cone I have ever had..But it certainly was worth it.


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