Summer is near!

Finally, the sun is shining more and more each day! It’s getting warmer and I notice that I’m so much happier and so is everyone else.
Since summer is 1 month away, I think it’s time to start thinking about summer vacation. Of course, first I have to pass all my university exams, but I still have time to think about summer vacation. It’s so much more fun than reading about management or looking at all of those macroeconomic formulas anyways…

These are the cities I really would love to visit this summer. The problem is, that I have to pick 1 city. The toughest thing to do..

It was the first city I thought of way back in February. No, not because of the Olympics (that’s what made me reconsider this city actually), but because of this . I’m not obsessed with Harry Potter, but to be on the set where the movie was set is insane! 
Besides that, it’s a beautiful city with many wonderful attractions. So like I said, the Olympics made me change my mind, because I think the prices might be higher during the event and many tourists will be all over the city. It would be really difficult to just walk down the street!

The city of love…. This city is a must city if anyone lives in Europe. It’s actually the most visited city in the world! So why shouldn’t I visit it!? This city doesn’t have a thing why I should not visit it. Well…. I was searching the plane ticket prices and yeah, the ticket price is kind of too much. It’s not as high as to go to London, but it’s still pretty high… I’m hoping the prices will fall until I actually decide to buy the ticket. 
What also made me really want to go is that I found amazing prices for apartments in Paris! They are even cheaper than hotels! There were apartments that are close to the Eiffel tower and cost up to 400 Euros for 3 nights! Omg!! It’s just so cool to pretend that you live in Paris for 3 days in an apartment in the center of the city.. If anyone is interested, here is the magical site:
Basically because of Hollywood! Ok,ok, the real reason- I want to  visit the DASH boutique.. Just kidding! But actually, I would probably visit the store just to see if one of the Kardashians is there.. 
I honestly have no idea why I want to visit Los Angeles more than New York. Maybe because it’s warmer and there is a big chance of running into a celebrity at some restaurant or mall.

Even though there have been earthquakes recently, that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to visit this city. The culture is the total opposite
 of European culture, that’s why it seems so interesting. It’s also one of the safest places in the world, so I wouldn’t be scared to walk down the street in the middle of the night. 

I also heard, that streets in Japan don’t have names. And that they get lost themselves…Interesting. If they get lost, I’m 200% sure I will get lost. 

Soo, of all these cities, I have to choose one.. I hope I choose before university starts again in the fall…

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