And the research begins!

I am so excited about summer vacation! I can’t wait to finally put all of my books and journals away and start to enjoy the warm weather and all my free time that I will have.


Like every traveler, I always do a lot of research on the place I am going to. It’s not just for the purpose that I won’t need a guide, it’s because it’s also one of my favorite parts of getting ready for travelling. I find out such cool stuff about a city, country or monument. It’s probably in my blood. That’s why I chose to study international business of tourism.

You already know, that I’m searching for information about Tallinn. But guess what I found?!


Because of the cheap bus tickets to Tallinn, I decided that I can visit another city. And that city is HELSINKI. A ferry goes from Tallinn to Helsinki in about 2hrs! And it’s not that expensive as I thought it would be! It would cost about 40 Euros ( about 52 USD) for one person depending on the time you choose to go. It could be even cheaper, as low as 36 Euros (46 USD) without choosing any of the facilities, like buffet dining, dinner coupons or pet cages. I am going to go early morning from Tallinn and leave Helsinki in the evening. I think one full day is enough to get a feel of the city. This will be my first time in Helsinki!!

Here is the online booking site for the ferry:

I found great sights to see in Tallinn. But I’m not quite done with my search yet.


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