Shop till you drop.

Have you ever seen the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”? I have a little tendency to shop too much… But whatever I end up buying, I actually really need. Whenever I visit a different country for a vacation, I end up buying something. When I was in Rome last summer, I bought a sweater that says “I ❤ Rome” (<3- the heart on the sweater is red and big!!).
Many people collect objects of some sort- stickers, rocks, knives…. My family and I have a tradition to collect magnets from any country we visit to put on the refrigerator. So far I have a magnet from: Brussels, Rome, Chicago, Ryga, Kaunas, Vilnius, Trakai, Punsk.. We haven’t been collecting for such a long time yet. Even though we have been to Moscow, Tallinn and other US cities, we don’t have magnets from them..yet.. I do have a magnet from London that my friend bought me as a gift. Now I feel like I need to visit the city soon because of the magnet 🙂 .

Since I’m such a shopaholic when I’m on vacation, I did some research on what to buy in both Tallinn and Helsinki.


1.Chocolate!! (I’m addicted to chocolate, so Tallinn is my heaven). Kalev chocolate is Estonia’s famous chocolate company. The Maiasmok cafe actually has a marzipan museum room. And the visit is free!
2. Ceramics. Especially those with replicas of old city buildings are very popular.
3. Jewelry. Estonian jewelry has a hint of the Nordic. Hand mad has a great touch of Estonia.
4. Knitted wear. Since it tends to get very cold in the winter, Estonians are great at knitting! 

Kalev chocolate!

The Estonian Handicraft House is  a place to visit if you must want something authentic from Estonia. You can get a wide selection of wooden, metal or ceramic items.
If you’re interested in hand crafts, the old city is the best place for that. I’m not really interested in them, especially buying from a different country, because Lithuania has this really great fair each year where a lot of hand crafts are sold. But if anyone is really interested, Katariina Passage is said to be one of the best places for this.
There’s also an interesting shop called “Baraka”. It has really funky gifts. From the pictures I saw on their website, this store has interesting totes, pants and other handmade things.


I’m a fashion freak and I will probably be running around Tallinn searching for a mall. And guess what? There’s a small shopping gallery in the heart of central Tallinn!! This must be my lucky search day!! But I have an excuse for a visit to this shopping gallery “Foorum” (Narva Mnt. 5). It’s great to visit this place due to its architecture. Art, culture and shopping in one place!
There’s another shopping center in the heart of the city!! It’s called “Kristiine” (Endla 45). It’s one of the biggest shopping centers in Estonia in terms of the number of shops!
And another shopping center! “Viru Keskus” (Viru valjak 4). It’s considered a fashion mecca!

Of course, you must visit an open market in any city you visit. “Keskturg” is best for a cultural experience. It’s a popular destination for fresh food, clothes and has other “treasures”.  Since Estonian has some Russian influence, there is also a Russian market “Balti Jaama Turg”. I’ll definitely visit!

My next post will be about shopping in HELSINKI!!
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