Shop till you drop PART II

College finals… Oh, I wish they would go by super fast,  so I wouldn’t have to do all of this studying which is almost making me go crazy.. I had THREE exams this week!! Only two more are left and then I can start thinking about my one day trip to Berlin!

Like I promised in my other post, this post will be about shopping in HELSINKI! I did a little research and all you have to do is read to find out where to shop and what to buy in Helsinki.

Textiles, ceramics and glass products are one of the best things to buy while in Finland. Leather goods are also of high quality. If you are interested in ceramics, one of the most renowned ceramics producers in Finland is Arabia. The Esplanade in Helsinki has shops selling these quality brands.  But if you’re poor, don’t even think about going there because you are sure to find something great but in the end you’ll realize that your while can’t make your dream come true… 😦 I guess I’m skipping this street or I’ll be having bad dreams about some beautiful vase…

We all now women love jewelry so if any of you guys are planning on going to Finland soon, be on the look out for Kalevala jewelry!! Your lady will fall in love all over again with the man of her dreams 🙂

One of the best places to go shopping is the at the Design District (in Helsinki) which is not far from the city’s main train station. It has some of the best fashion stores and you can find many top-name designers there.

It would actually be a good idea to buy sauna stuff in Finland, because Finland is home to the very well known Finnish sauna.

According to most Finns, “Kampi” is “THE shopping place in Helsinki”. You can find anything you need here! (

The most important thing to know, is that F’inland, like all other Scandinavian countries, is very  expensive to be in. So shopping might not be a good idea..

Some interesting information: citizens of non-EU countries are eligible for tax-free returns. Purchases must be made in shops displaying the tax free sign. The minimum total sum of purchased goods must be 40 euros. Upon leaving EU territory, travelers can claim VAT that varies according to product but does not exceed 16%.


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