14 hours in Berlin- Reichstag + Brandenburg Gate

After a loooooong journey to and from Berlin (bus trip all together was 34 hours), I’m back home. I actually spent more time on the bus than in Berlin… But all I can say is that that one day was enough to see all must see places, especially since it was the raining most of the time… :/ and the construction sites all over the city ruined my mood and the cranes ruined all the panorama pictures from the dome of Reichstag. I have so many reasons to go back!!! Now a little about my trip..

My first stop was the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof (Berlin central bus station). It’s about 7 km from Brandenburg Gate. I didn’t feel like I was in Berlin when I first got off the bus. There are no monuments around (except the radio tower, which is right next to the station) and the station looks like any other station… After my disappointing first impression, I found the S-bahn stop I needed and got to the main railway station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof) from which I began my journey..

Walking on a bridge over the river Spree, I was heading towards Reichstag. I registered a visit to the Reichstag dome for 8:15 am. The letter stated that I had to be there at 8am because of the security check. I honestly though I will not make it in time because the bus had to arrive to Berlin at 7:15am and to get to the Reichstag from the Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof takes about 20 min. Thankfully, the bus got to Berlin 15 min early so I took my time.



Seeing the Reichstag was surreal. It’s big, incredible and a true masterpiece. I have seen it many times on TV and in pictures, but in person it’s something completely different. I had registered online to take a look of Berlin from the Reichstag dome. It was 7:55am and there was a line for the security check. At exactly 8am, students that work there, opened the door to let us in. We had to show the letter we received by e-mail and have a valid ID. It seems like everything in Germany happens like it should. We had to go in a line to the entrance of the Reichstag..

The dome of the Reichstag didn’t really impress me.. First of all, clouds ruined the view. Second, the view wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be… basically because of the bars. But on the balcony of the dome it was much better. But it would have been even better if the sun were shining. Oh well, you can’t change anything about that, can you?…

If you are planning on visiting Berlin, visit the Reichstag. It’s free, but you MUST register in advance!! You can do this HERE.



Not far from the Reichstag is the most famous attraction of Berlin- the Brandenburg Gate. The road behind the Gate was blocked (fan zone for the football European Championship). I was sooo tired because I hadn’t slept almost all night on the bus, so I decided to get a cappuccino at Starbucks, which is located on Pariser Platz. After having finished my coffee, the Brandenburg Gate seemed more impressive. There were not many tourists around so there was a great opportunity to freely walk around.

More photos HERE

Be on the look out for PART 2!!!!


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