14 Hours in Berlin- Holocaust Memorial + Gendarmenmarkt


Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

After taking good pictures of the Brandenburg Gate, instead of walking down the beautiful Unter den Linden boulevard, I headed towards the Holocaust Memorial which is, when standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate, to the left. It wasn’t far, maybe about 300 meters. In pictures, the concrete slabs looked very interesting and mysterious. When I saw them in person, the slabs looked…..unusual, but in a very interesting way. They have nothing written on them which adds even more mystery. The tallest slabs were the most interesting to walk by, because you feel like a very tiny person. There was even an emergency exit if you can’t find your way out!! It’s hardly possible to get lost, but you never know… Overall, it was an interesting experience to walk among them.


French Cathedral

French Cathedral

On the way to here, I passed some remains of the Berlin wall and the Galeries Lafayette- a large shopping mall. Since the mall was still closed, I decided to go on and head towards Gendarmenmarkt where I saw the French and German Cathedrals and the Konzerthaus. Both cathedrals are identical and are currently undergoing  reconstruction (that was the worst part of my trip- too much construction going on!!!!). I really wanted to visit the viewing platform of the French Cathedral, but there was an event happening, so my plan was ruined. Oh well, there’s always next time.

German Cathedral

German Cathedral

The Konzerthaus is the most recent building added to the square. The red carpet really adds flavor to the building. Many people like to take pictures of themselves on the carpet to feel like a celebrity!



I really liked Gendarmenmarkt. The statue of Friedrich Schiller in the center of the square is like the finishing touch. I would love to visit Gendarmenmarkt during Christmas, because this square hosts one of the most popular Berlin Christmas markets every year.

More photos HERE!!!

Part 3 coming soon!!


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