14 hours in Berlin- Schlossbrücke + Berlin Cathedral

Having seen so many interesting monuments already, the best was yet to come! But first I must cross the schlossbrücke (palace bridge).


It is somewhat like Ponte Sant’ Angelo in Rome because of the statues atop the pillars. But this bridge has its own story like any other.

The eight different sculptures were created by eight different sculptors. The sculptures show the development of a hero from early youth to manhood, and then to death on the battlefield and the taking of his body to Olympus. It is much more fun to walk along this bridge when you know the meaning of the statues.

Nike instructs the boy in heroic historyPallas Athene teaches the boy the art of spear-throwingPallas Athene teaches the boy the art of spear-throwingNike crowns the warriorNike supporting a wounded warriorPallas leads the warrior in battleAttacking the enemy with Pallas at his sideIris carries the fallen hero to Mount Olympus


This was my favorite attraction of Berlin! I have never seen such a big and remarkable cathedral! It just took my breath away! I like that the cathedral is on the museum island which, when at the top of the dome, gives great views of the river Spree and the museums.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

It costs 4 euros for students to visit the cathedral. Before leaving for Berlin, I checked online, that with my ISIC (international student identity card), it would cost me only 2 euros. Unfortunately, the ticket seller didn’t understand what I was telling her (or she didn’t want to understand) and I ended up paying 4 euros. The funny part is that at first she told me to pay 7 euros (full price). Come on! I look like a student!! I told her I was a student and then she told me to pay 4 euros. Always find out what the ticket prices are. Or you may end up overpaying. At least the view was worth it… But the climb to the top (270 steps) was a bit hard. The stairs were really narrow and I was scared at times, that they might break! At least I don’t have to go to the gym for a whole month now!!

More photos HERE!!


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