14 hours in Berlin- Alexanderplatz

It started raining while I was still at the top of the Berlin Cathedral dome. I had known this would happen, so I had my umbrella with me. To hide a little from the rain, on my way to Alexanderplatz, I went inside the Radisson Blu Hotel. If my brother wouldn’t have told me, I wouldn’t have known, that here I can see a huge fish tank! It’s magnificent! You can even ride an elevator inside the AquaDom which is available after buying a ticket to the AquaDom & Sea Life, which is right next door to the hotel. Here you can see more than 5000 creatures, walk through Neptun’s mirror maze and more!

After having had admired the incredible fish tank, I again headed towards Alexanderplatz. My eye caught sight of a souvenir shop, so I had to check it out. Here I found the cheapest magnets (2,95 euros). All other souvenir shops had magnets costing from 3,00 to about 4,50 euros.


St. Mary's Church

St. Mary’s Church

Finally I reached Alexanderplatz. And it was pouring!!! I didn’t take many photographs because of that. I went inside the TV tower to see the inside of it. There was no point in visiting the viewing platform because it was raining and really cloudy. I wouldn’t have seen anything!!

At Alexanderplatz, you can also see the St. Mary’s Church (Marienkirche) and Neptune’s fountain. Along with the St. Nicholas’ Church, Marienkirche is the oldest church in Berlin. I accidentally took a photo of this church looking like the TV tower viewing platform is on top of the church! Neptune’s fountain is pretty amazing as well. The Roman god Neptune is in the center and the four women that surround him represent the four main rivers of Prussia: Elbe, Rhine, Vistula and Oder.

On the other side of the TV tower, facing the Alexanderplatz railway station, is Starbucks coffee. I had the best cookie there!! I wanted to buy another one, but I thought it would be more fun to buy the cookie at a different Starbucks.

More photos HERE!!


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