14 hours in Berlin- Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church + Kurfurstendamm


Built between 1891 and 1985, this church was a symbol of Prussian unity. It had burned down after it was hit by an allied bomb (November 18, 1943) and only the broken west tower of the church was still standing. The top was completely damaged. Looking at old and new photos, it’s hard to say, that the same church stands today. Inside the remaining west tower is a Memorial hall. It documents the history of the church as well as photos from before and after the bombing.

It is really easy to reach the church, unfortunately  I was walking in circles because I could not see it. I went inside a souvenir shop to ask where the church is, because I knew it was somewhere near. The woman told me, that the church was undergoing renovation and that is the reason I could not see it. Wow, what a surprise! More renovation!! I as really disappointed. Since I couldn’t change anything,  I decided that I seriously have to come again to Berlin when the weather would be better and not so much renovation would be happening.


Iduna Haus

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is located on the Kurfurstendamm- the main shopping street in Berlin. This avenue has a very interesting history. Otto von Bismarmarck suggested that the Kurfurstendamm be formed into a boulevard with large houses and plenty of trees. The boulevard was widened and the construction of the most prestigious addresses began. Unfortunately, more than half of the magnificent structures along the Kurfurstendamm were completely destroyed or suffered significant damage during WW2.

If you want to get a look of  the street’s original architecture, head to address no.59/69. The structure is known as Iduna-Haus.

From my previous posts you already know, that I visited 2 Starbucks cafes. Since the 3rd was on the Kurfurstendamm and I happened to be there, I decided to get the delicious cookie I had at the Starbucks on Alexanderplatz. Sadly, the delicious chocolate chip cookies were all gone… In general, this Starbucks was pretty small…




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