Excited for my upcoming trip!


I am super excited for my trip to Warsaw and Krakow which is coming up really soon. I hope to see as much as I can and I really hope, that it won’t RAIN!!! But if it would, I will try to enjoy my time as much as I can, especially my time at the Starbucks Cafes (I already marked them on my map).

There are so many interesting monuments and places to see in Warsaw and Krakow, that I have been wondering why have I never been to these cities before? And especially since they are so close to Vilnius. Only an overnight bus ride and I’m in Warsaw!I have been to Warsaw before, but ONLY at the airport, so that does not count as me having actually seen the city.


Krakow just came out of no where. I was just surfing the internet and noticed a cheap bus company that runs all through Poland to cities like Vienna, Berlin and Prague. The company is called “Polski Bus”. Since Krakow has so much history and was once the capital of Poland, I bought the bus tickets!!And now I can’t wait for my mini-trip to Warsaw and Krakow!!

P.S. Krakow has Starbucks Coffee!! And great shopping malls!

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