12 Day Trip to EUROPE!

People of the world, listen up! Nomadic Matt is giving away a 12 day trip to Budapest, Prague and Vienna!!!  When I read the post, I thought I was dreaming! For about a year now, I’ve wanted to go to these three cities. And just my luck- there’s a give away! The only thing left to do is convince Nomadic Matt why I’m the one that should go on this wonderful trip…

I don’t think anyone likes travel more than me. I’m constantly online searching for plane or bus tickets, cheap hotels, things to do and places to see. If there is a great deal, I’ll most likely go for it… If I don’t, oh well, there’s always another great deal that will come along.. But I’ll always think about what I missed out on. Like, what a crazy and exciting trip that might have been!

This time, it will not happen. This is going to be a great blog post, Nomadic Matt will love it and I will win this trip. One more thing- I already planned what I’m going to see and do in each of those cities. And there are very interesting reasons why I want to visit Budapest, Prague and Vienna.


First, I will fly into Prague, go to the Old Town Square and reset my watch to the correct time based on the Prague Astronomical Clock. This way I won’t miss my departure to Vienna. But Prague isn’t all about the Astronomical Clock! I just can’t stop imagining myself on the Charles Bridge taking many pictures of Prague’s red rooftops. Autumn is a perfect time to go on a Ghost Tour and see many underground passageways and catacombs- just in time for the season of Halloween! It is a must to visit Prague in all four seasons, so if I visit in Autumn, only three seasons will be left!


With my newly reset watch I’ll catch a train to Vienna. This is the city I want to visit the most out of all three. The reason- Inspector Rex (yes, the dog) has lived here for many years and I have been dying to come to Vienna and walk in the footsteps of the famous K-9. Chocolate tasting is another thing on my check list as well as time spent in a cozy Kaffeehaus. And I won’t forget Mozart’s and Beethoven’s graves either!!


At last I’ll reach Budapest. It will be like visiting two cities at once- Buda and Pest. Budapest will be the city where I’ll do most of my shopping because Hungary isn’t using the Euro and their currency is somewhat devalued! This is a dream come true for a shopaholic! Just kidding! I do love to shop for new clothes, but not that extremely! And after all of this shopping I’ll head to one of the many thermal baths to relax before my trip back home..

If I were to win, all of you will be able to follow me on my trip as I will write about my experiences and adventures in these three cities!

Wow, after I re-read this post, I can’t believe how much fun this trip would be. And I haven’t mentioned half of the things I would do there! All have to do is cross my fingers and hope I win!!


3 thoughts on “12 Day Trip to EUROPE!

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  2. I have passed through Budapest and it’s really worth going! The historical buildings and monuments seemed quite nice and interesting, and the view from the bridge over the river is wonderful! I hope to visit it soon, and good luck winning the 12 Day trip !

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