One Day in Krakow

Just like Warsaw, I also spent only one day in Krakow. The weather was OK compared to what should have been- a huge thunderstorm was predicted. The most important part is that it didn’t rain! (I still remember the awful weather in Berlin..).

I took a bus from Warsaw to Krakow, which took 5 hours. The bus ride seemed like forever. When I finally arrived in Krakow, it was about 20h (8 p.m.) and the sun had already set. I was really tired, but I still had to get to my hostel.. So using the map I had printed from the internet, my friend and I set off to find our hostel. I don’t recall much of what I saw of the old town because we were really tired and walking pretty fast. But the most memorable part were the dancing fountains that were illuminated in different colors and played music.

View from St Mary's Basilica

The moment we saw the exterior of the hostel, I thought “where have I booked us at”.. That was the first impression. Morning brought a whole different sense. I actually liked the hostel! I recommend it for students, backpackers, budget travels, etc. It is located in a very good place and breakfast is included!

Morning was a little foggy so all of the church towers were a little bit hidden. But that didn’t stop me from taking pictures! Overall the old town was very nice and really different from Warsaw. It has this old feel to it.

My favorite moment from the trip was the climb to the top of St. Mary’s Basilica. The view from the top is worth the climb, but the weather was not in my favor as it was cloudy so I couldn’t really see the very distant parts of Krakow. What I liked most about Krakow, was the interior of the churches. They were all stunning!

Car in Kazkimierz District


If you are thinking of visiting Krakow, don’t forget to visit the district of Kazimierz! It is known for being home to the Jewish community since the 14th century. I have never visited a synagogue before and since I had an opportunity to do that, I paid two Zlots and made my dream come true! I also visited a Jewish cemetery and I definitely recommend it!

Of course I visited the Wawel Royal Castle and the Cathedral. The visit took most of the time I had in Krakow, but it was very much worth it.


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