A New Adventure

The travel adventures began New Year’s Eve. At the last minute I decided to leave right after midnight on our trip to Canada if we wanted to make it to Montreal on time. Because of this arrangement, my brother and I ended up “celebrating” the New Year in my car on the intersection near the Trump Tower in Chicago. It was very amusing and different compared to past celebrations.

The rental car that took us from Chicago all the way to Montreal! It's a 2013 Nissan Altima.

The rental car that took us from Chicago all the way to Montreal! It’s a 2013 Nissan Altima.

Once my brother and I got to O’Hare International Airport to get a rental car, the real circus began. Dollar Rent A Car was one of the businesses open twenty-four hours, including New Year’s night. The bus that takes passengers from the terminals right to the rental car office ran every twenty minutes, including New Year’s night on the arrival level. For some odd reason, we were waiting on the departure level. After waiting for about thirty minutes, I got very irritated and called the Dollar Rent A Car center. A man answered my call and then he transferred me to a woman who told me the bus will be there shortly. Twenty minutes later and still waiting on the departure level, I called again, but this time I was very furious. I complained about waiting for about an hour and no bus having passed by. I was again transferred to a woman who told me the bus will be there momentarily. Again, we continue waiting on the departure level. Twenty minutes later we decided we had enough of this and we will take a taxi to Dollar Rent A Car, which is about ten minutes away. My brother went to the arrival level to see if there were any taxis available. Moments later he returns and asks me in a very soft tone: “Maybe the buses go on the arrival level?” And with this sentence I realized how dumb I was for waiting over an hour on the wrong level and calling the Dollar Rent A Car center making a huge deal of a problem that never existed. I still feel ashamed that I called the customer service center for a “fake” reason. But at least now I know that if there really is a huge problem, Dollar Rent A Car will definitely help me!

In my next few posts, follow me, as we make our way to Montreal and enjoy our time in Canada!