Exploring Vilnius


I have noticed an interesting thing. Everyone seems to be traveling a lot, exploring different places, cities, countries, continents..

.. But no one truly knows their own backyard. Yes, me included…

If asked, not many of you would show me where Lithuania is on the map. Some of you might be hearing this country for the first time.


Guess what!? Lithuania does exist and it’s one of the three Baltic countries (the other two are Latvia and Estonia). If you suddenly thought- “oh yeah, I know this country- the capital is Riga.” You know what? You are WRONG!! The capital is VILNIUS!!

VilniusIt might rain a lot in Lithuania and the summers aren’t that perfect as in Italy or Spain, but if I were to choose between Berlin(the city I recently visited) or Vilnius, I would actually choose Vilnius. It’ actually a very beautiful city. You can see this in thepictures I took while exploring my own home city. And talking about the backyard thing again-I found a street I have never known before..

More photos HERE!