My New York Adventure Part 2!

On my last post, you found out that I had just arrived in New York City! After “sleeping” for a little while, I started my way towards the city. It was pretty easy to navigate on the subway (I’m not going to lie, I did end up running back and forth from one side of the platform to the other at some points on the trip). After the air train, I had to get on the E train. Then after that I had to get on the train going “Uptown”. The best choice for me was train #1, as it was the closest to where my hotel was.

After getting to my hotel and dropping all my stuff off, I started to make my way towards Central Park. It was such a beautiful and sunny day! I absolutely fell in love with Central Park! If I had had more time, I would have definitely brought a blanket, sat down and had a picnic or just suntanned. Below I posted a picture I took at Central Park. If you want to see more of my awesome time at Central Park, check out my Instagram!

And just like that I'm in Central Park… 🌳🐶 #newyorkcity #centralpark #daytrip

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Woah! That picture came out huge on here! As you can see, the weather was awesome! The only regret in this little over 24 hour trip is that I only went on the east side of Central Park and in general of Manhattan.

Continuing to walk along Central Park (the roads kept going uphill than downhill and I realized I need to work-out more), I came along the American Museum of Natural History. Unfortunately, it opens at 10 AM so I couldn’t peek inside of the famous site of the movie The Night at the Museum… (I wonder if the dinosaur actually stands at the lobby)..

Being up all night and walking all through Central Park, I was getting hungry quite fast. My goal was to have some New York style pizza. Unfortunately, walking towards Times Square I couldn’t find anything! New York City local places were either too expensive, closed or completely full! I found Europa Cafe to be open and quite good actually. I had a typical sandwich which was very delicious! I decided to have my New York style pizza later that day.

My next stop was Rockefeller Center and a visit to the Top of the Rock! Be on the look out for my next post!

My New York City Adventure Begins!

Hello friends, travelers and blog followers! I have recently visited New York City and I absolutely loved it! Before I visited New York City, I had always imagined it to be big, fast paced and over-rated. My first time being there and I can say my view of New York City has completely changed. It is obviously bigger than Chicago and much more fast paced.

Working for an airline allows me to travel for free, obviously as stand-by. Many seats being open, I was able to jump on a flight to JFK right after my shift. New York being super expensive, I decided to spend my extra night at the airport. There were many places to sleep on and I wasn’t the only one with such a brilliant idea!

Airport Traffic JFK!

After “sleeping” (I think I snoozed for a total of 20 minutes because I kept getting cold), I decided it was time to make my way towards the city. I grabbed my carry-on and was on my way towards the JFK air train. Everything was pretty self-explanatory and easy to manage if you just read the signs. I got to my correct stop and was on the E train towards Manhattan where my adventures soon began!

P.S. I promise this time to stay on top of my blogging!