A Short Trip North

Hello World !

I haven’t posted in quite a long time ! Two years to be precise. Don’t you for a second think that I spent all this time just sitting around at home and forgot about traveling. I traveled quite a lot ! I’ve visited Europe last summer and taken short little trips to Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee and most recently Madison, Wisconsin.

This post is dedicated to Madison, Wisconsin because I was surprised of the beauty and scenery of this capital city. Driving into the city is a magical experience ! Lake Monona lies right at the edge of the city when you drive on Beltline Highway. I spotted many canoes on the lake, bike riders and runners along the lake shore exercising.

The first stop I made was the Wisconsin State Capitol which reminded me of the Cathedral in Helsinki because of the huge dome and large steps. Upon some research I discovered that the Capitol dome is topped by Daniel Chester French’s guilded bronze statue, which is called “Wisconsin”. Pretty cool, right ?! And the most awesome part is that the interior dome of the rotunda is decorated by Edwin Blashfield’s mural called Resources of Wisconsin”. I then begin to drown in self pity because I didn’t go on a tour of the State Capitol…but I always cheer myself up by saying that I will return to each city to find even more unknown city gems !

When I saw the lake driving into Madison, Wisconsin, I knew I needed to take a picture of the exquisite city view with the lake in the forefront. The center of Madison seems to be built on a hill making it no surprise that Vilnius, Lithuania is a sister city ! The lake views are amazing and peaceful. I decided that this would be the place where I return this summer to kayak (even though I don’t know how to !). There were many fishermen trying to catch fish perhaps for dinner.

In conclusion, I can definitely recommend Madison, Wisconsin for a day trip ! The lake makes it a perfect city to relax in, grab a kayak and paddle around !

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My New York City Adventure Begins!

Hello friends, travelers and blog followers! I have recently visited New York City and I absolutely loved it! Before I visited New York City, I had always imagined it to be big, fast paced and over-rated. My first time being there and I can say my view of New York City has completely changed. It is obviously bigger than Chicago and much more fast paced.

Working for an airline allows me to travel for free, obviously as stand-by. Many seats being open, I was able to jump on a flight to JFK right after my shift. New York being super expensive, I decided to spend my extra night at the airport. There were many places to sleep on and I wasn’t the only one with such a brilliant idea!

Airport Traffic JFK!

After “sleeping” (I think I snoozed for a total of 20 minutes because I kept getting cold), I decided it was time to make my way towards the city. I grabbed my carry-on and was on my way towards the JFK air train. Everything was pretty self-explanatory and easy to manage if you just read the signs. I got to my correct stop and was on the E train towards Manhattan where my adventures soon began!

P.S. I promise this time to stay on top of my blogging!


In my previous post, you read how my day went in Krakow. Now it’s time to see how that day went by. The photos could have been a lot better, if it would have been sunny. Other than that, Krakow has a lot of interesting places to see and things to do. It should be on everyone’s must visit list!

St Mary's Basilica

Make sure you are really willing to climb to the very top, because once you start climbing, there is no turning back!




The most famous attraction in Krakow- Wawel Royal Castle!
Jewish Cemetary

You will find more photos HERE!

One Day in Krakow

Just like Warsaw, I also spent only one day in Krakow. The weather was OK compared to what should have been- a huge thunderstorm was predicted. The most important part is that it didn’t rain! (I still remember the awful weather in Berlin..).

I took a bus from Warsaw to Krakow, which took 5 hours. The bus ride seemed like forever. When I finally arrived in Krakow, it was about 20h (8 p.m.) and the sun had already set. I was really tired, but I still had to get to my hostel.. So using the map I had printed from the internet, my friend and I set off to find our hostel. I don’t recall much of what I saw of the old town because we were really tired and walking pretty fast. But the most memorable part were the dancing fountains that were illuminated in different colors and played music.

View from St Mary's Basilica

The moment we saw the exterior of the hostel, I thought “where have I booked us at”.. That was the first impression. Morning brought a whole different sense. I actually liked the hostel! I recommend it for students, backpackers, budget travels, etc. It is located in a very good place and breakfast is included!

Morning was a little foggy so all of the church towers were a little bit hidden. But that didn’t stop me from taking pictures! Overall the old town was very nice and really different from Warsaw. It has this old feel to it.

My favorite moment from the trip was the climb to the top of St. Mary’s Basilica. The view from the top is worth the climb, but the weather was not in my favor as it was cloudy so I couldn’t really see the very distant parts of Krakow. What I liked most about Krakow, was the interior of the churches. They were all stunning!

Car in Kazkimierz District


If you are thinking of visiting Krakow, don’t forget to visit the district of Kazimierz! It is known for being home to the Jewish community since the 14th century. I have never visited a┬ásynagogue┬ábefore and since I had an opportunity to do that, I paid two Zlots and made my dream come true! I also visited a Jewish┬ácemetery and I definitely recommend it!

Of course I visited the Wawel Royal Castle and the Cathedral. The visit took most of the time I had in Krakow, but it was very much worth it.


I have been to the Warsaw airport many times, but this was my first time actually walking around the city. I was surprised how much I liked Warsaw right away! I saw many interesting monuments, beautiful churches, important places. I will definitely come back and stay for at least three days because there are a lot of things I did not see!

Statue of Mermaid

The mermaid is an important part of Polish history. Around Warsaw you will see many sculptures of mermaids. You will see some of them on facades and in artistic metalwork. There is mermaid tour in Warsaw during which you can see the most important mermaids.

Plac Zamkowy


New buildings rising in Warsaw!

Powstania Warszawskiego

Next to an important part of history.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph the Betrothed

One of the many beautiful churches in Warsaw!

If you liked these photos, you’ll find more┬áHERE!

A day in Warsaw..

I visited Warsaw this July.┬áUnfortunately, I spent only a day in the city. And I am NEVER doing this again. From now on, I’m spending at least three days in one city. It’s so stressful to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time! Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your one day in Warsaw.

1. Buy a one day public transport ticket


You can get them where you see a ZTM ticket machine. The one day ticket was very useful as it saved a lot of time that I would have had to walk to places. It’s also not as scary to get on the wrong bus, since you can hop off at the next stop, cross the street and without having to validate a new ticket, get on a different bus. Warsaw’s metro line is very good. It took me 9 minutes to get from the very center of Warsaw to the Wilanowska station. On a scale from 1-10, I give 10 points to the public transportation in Warsaw. Before buying the ticket, find out what zones (1 or 1+2) you will be going to as that is what determines the cost of the ticket. You can read all about this here.

2. Visit the Palace of Culture and Science

The Palace of Culture and Science

This is a must especially if you want to see most of Warsaw in such a short amount of time!! The view from the 30th floor is amazing! Even though the red roofs of the old town are in the very distance, you won’t be disappointed. You can view all of Warsaw from all four sides of the terrace. The best view is towards the old town. You can also see the stadium where the UEFA European Football Championship 2012 took place. The only thing I didn’t like is having to wait some time for the elevators to take people up and then to take people down.

3. Visit the churches

Ko┼Ťci├│┼é Matki Bo┼╝ej ┼üaskawej

Ko┼Ťci├│┼é Matki Bo┼╝ej ┼üaskawej

Having had visited Rome last summer where I saw impressive churches and cathedrals, I was a bit disappointed with them in Warsaw. I’m not talking about the exterior of the churches. They are all beautiful. I’m talking about the interior. The altars seemed a little… well, blah. Just a painting and some┬ácandles. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Maybe the massive cathedrals in Rome are giving me this impression. But other than that, all of the cathedrals and churches are very much worth a visit. It’s also a good way to get to know a culture. By saying that, I noticed that Poles are very religious. And not just the older generation. Everyone of all ages goes inside churches to pray for like 10 minutes and goes back out and continues with their day.

More photos HERE!

12 Day Trip to EUROPE!

People of the world, listen up!┬áNomadic Matt is giving away a 12 day trip to Budapest, Prague and Vienna!!! ┬áWhen I read the post, I thought I was dreaming! For about a year now, I’ve wanted to go to these three cities. And just my luck- there’s a give away!┬áThe only thing left to do is convince Nomadic Matt why I’m the one that should go on this wonderful trip…

I don’t think anyone likes travel more than me. I’m constantly online searching for plane or bus tickets, cheap hotels, things to do and places to see. If there is a great deal, I’ll most likely go for it… If I don’t, oh well, there’s always another great deal that will come along.. But I’ll always think about what I missed out on. Like, what a crazy and exciting trip that might have been!

This time, it will not happen. This is going to be a great blog post, Nomadic Matt will love it and I will win this trip. One more thing- I already planned what I’m going to see and do in each of those cities. And there are very interesting reasons why I want to visit Budapest, Prague and Vienna.


First, I will fly into Prague, go to the Old Town Square and reset my watch to the correct time based on the Prague Astronomical Clock. This way I won’t miss my departure to Vienna. But Prague isn’t all about the Astronomical Clock! I just can’t stop imagining myself on the Charles Bridge taking many pictures of Prague’s red rooftops. Autumn is a perfect time to go on a Ghost Tour and see many underground passageways and catacombs- just in time for the season of Halloween! It is a must to visit Prague in all four seasons, so if I visit in Autumn, only three seasons will be left!


With my newly reset watch I’ll catch a train to Vienna. This is the city I want to visit the most out of all three. The reason- Inspector Rex (yes, the dog) has lived here for many years and I have been dying to come to Vienna and walk in the footsteps of the famous K-9. Chocolate tasting is another thing on my check list as well as time spent in a cozy┬áKaffeehaus. And I won’t forget Mozart’s and Beethoven’s graves either!!


At last I’ll reach Budapest. It will be like visiting two cities at once- Buda and Pest. Budapest will be the city where I’ll do most of my shopping because Hungary isn’t using the Euro and their currency is somewhat devalued! This is a dream come true for a┬áshopaholic! Just kidding! I do love to shop for new clothes, but not that extremely! And after all of this shopping I’ll head to one of the many thermal baths to relax before my trip back home..

If I were to win, all of you will be able to follow me on my trip as I will write about my experiences and adventures in these three cities!

Wow, after I re-read this post, I can’t believe how much fun this trip would be. And I haven’t mentioned half of the things I would do there! All have to do is cross my fingers and hope I win!!